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murals on the theme of fire, water, earth and wind to celebrate the school's centenary.

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Salusbury School Murals 2001
Client: London Borough of Brent

Blue Whale

view blue whale mural.

The whale is life sized at 15 metres long. As this mural is on the side of the nursery a baby is shown swimming alongside the mother.

At the bottom of the mural each child traced down and painted their own sea creature. Fish shaped mirrors were added at child height to make the experience more interactive.

6 metres high – Paint, weather sealer, mosaic mirrors



view pond mural. view pond mural detail. view pond mural detail.

This depicts 'water' from beneath the surface of a pond with frogs, newts and mosaic mirror bubbles for the children to see themselves.

2 metres high x 4 metre length


view insect muralThe centipede runs the length of the playground and refers to the school's centenary. It is also the 'earth' element and the children all had to trace down and paint an insect. There are one hundred legs for them to count and mirrors on the back of the centipede for them to interact with.


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