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murals on the theme of fire, water, earth and wind to celebrate the school's centenary.

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Salusbury School Murals 2001
Client: London Borough of Brent

Eleven murals to celebrate the school's centenary on the theme of fire, water, earth, wind. The commission required that every child in the school participate.


view kite dragon mural.

This depicted 'wind' from the elements. As the school has a diverse ethnic mix this was based on the Chinese dragon kite. Below the children all did their own kites.

5 metres high x 6 metres length – Paint, weather sealer, mosaic mirrors


Cats and Dogs

view cats and dogs mural detail. view cats and dogs mural.

This mural is the 'water' element and is based on the saying 'Raining cats and dogs'. The children could choose to do a cat or a dog at the bottom of the mural.

6 metres high x 8 metres length



view fireworks mural.

This covers the 'fire' element and the children did their own fireworks at the bottom above the sparklers.

3 metres high x 4 metres length


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