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Arts Republic –
Molly Fletcher & Tom Wilkinson

Tom and Molly started making public art as Arts Republic in 2000. Our work can be seen every day in museums, parks and school playgrounds.

We specialise in kinetic sculpture that moves by sun, water and wind power. We sometimes use recycled materials for making our sculpture, such as plastic fizzy drinks bottles, which being light, tough and waterproof are perfect for wind sculpture. What amazing things plastic bottles are, they last for years and yet we use them once, have a quick swig and then throw them away.

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We also make donation boxes and quirky machines called automata. These are like miniature theatres showing 3D cartoons that comment on life, as we know it. Made by blending papier-mâché and microcomputer technology, automata are antidotes to the machine-made modern world. Even with super-real computer games, once you have experienced and interacted with an automaton, you never forget it.

Automata/donation boxes
These are interactive machines, like miniature theatres that tell a story with movement, lighting and sound effects. Previously shown at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, Covent Garden and the V&A Museum, Bethnal Green, we now have them at The Science Museum, London, Amazonia in Great Yarmouth and Kent Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre.

Wind and solar kinetic sculpture, made for parks, theatres and schools.

We have a 15 year history of conducting workshops for all ages. We run them in schools, festivals, galleries and museums.

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