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Winds of change, one of two sculptures for Brent River Park

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Winds of Change 2004
Client: London Borough of Brent

2 animating winds of change sculpture Brent Park 3
sculpture base with River Brent cut out motif

Wind sculpture for Brent River Park as part of the Wembley Regeneration Project.

This accompanied the building of the new Wembley stadium. The commission was for two sculptures with the theme of wind.

The sculpture stands at the entrance to the park on the intersection of the Harrow Road and the North Circular where 40,000 drivers pass daily.

Its base has the River Brent motif laser-cut through from top to bottom enhanced with diamond grade reflective tape. The turbine on the top is mounted on bearings and turns gracefully in the wind. We hope that in Phase 2 we will adapt it to generate power and light itself up.

Made in collaboration with Liz Armitage

4 metres high steel, epoxy paint, bearings, reflective tape

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