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view dodgem bumper car detail.

view dodgem lights flashing detail.

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This is one of four Dodgem automata made by Tom Wilkinson and Molly Fletcher. This one was especially made for Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum in March 2013. The cars are 13cm long and the yellow one is driven by Marvin himself! 65cm wide x 38 high

Figures sculpted and cars painted by Molly Fletcher

Music play, sparks fly, the girl’s watching the cool guy. This is the original Dodgem automaton we made in 1993. It was based on the famous Cambridge Fair with the characters in the cars and onlookers drawn from the actual people Molly saw. For ten years Dodgem was in the V&A Museum of Childhood as a coin operated machine along with four of our other automata. We have since made three more different versions of Dodgem, including one we were commissioned to make for the Glasgow Gallery of Modern in 1998. We made another for the collector Marvin Yagoda (seen here) for his Marvellous Mechanical Museum in Detroit, Michigan.

The dimensions of the whole case with sign is 67cm wide, 57 deep and, on the plinth, 156cm high, and it can separate from the coin slot and box plinth. The cars are 11cm long. We've just refurbished it entirely, made huge improvements and it now functions better than ever!

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